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Personal Defense Skills Development




You must have attended a Defensive Handguns & Tactics for Home Defense Course, or any Combat Focus Shooting course to be able to participate in the Personal Defense Skills Development program.

These range sessions are designed to help students become more efficient in the use of their personal defense firearm.

The skills development session will take place entirely at the range and will include drills taught in the above mentioned courses. This is a great opportunity to stay sharp!

If the prerequisite course you took included drawing from a holster, you will have the opportunity to draw from the holster during your range session. If the course you took did not include drawing from a holster and you want to learn, we will teach you.

Each range session be up to three (3) hours.
Sessions are limited to 4 students.

The range sessions will take place at Escambia River Gun Club, 4020 Rocky Branch Rd. Cantonment.

If you meet the prerequisite and want to set up a Range Session, click this link and let us know.

Session Fee is $90.00

Bring 200 rounds of ammo!


  • Defensive Handgun
  • Minimum of 2 Magazines for your Gun
  • 200 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Optional: Holster, Double Magazine Pouch

Students MUST wear close-toed shoes and we recommend that you bring a brimmed cap and not wear a low cut top. These items are for safety of our students.

A students training may be terminated at any time during the course if the students actions are deemed inappropriate or UNSAFE by the instructors. Students terminated from the training due to inappropriate or unsafe behavior will NOT have their fees refunded.