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Snub Nose Revolver Considerations

As firearms instructoSBO_0732 - For Blogrs we teach a lot of students how to shoot with their defensive handgun. Quite often, students will bring a snub nose revolver (snubby) to train with. A vast majority of the time, what we find is that most people, particularly women struggle shooting a revolver. A snubby tends to be a gun that gun store salesmen recommend (as well as husbands, fathers, and boyfriends) for women. I most often hear the reason that snub nose revolvers are recommended because they reliable, simple to use (just point and shoot), and they are easy to conceal. Yes, snub nose revolvers are generally reliable, simple to use, and easy to conceal. However, that doesn’t mean you will immediately be able to pick the gun up and use it efficiently for personal protection.

We actually consider a double action revolver to be an advanced gun because they can be difficult to shoot for a lot of people. Why are they difficult to shoot? One reason is that the smaller the gun, the more “felt” recoil there will be. Additionally, a snubby has a short sight radius which can lead to decreased deviation control and recoil management. Using proper grip and stance when shooting will certainly help you manage deviation and recoil.

A snub nose revolver certainly is an option as a defensive handgun choice. But it may not always be a good choice for YOU! If you decide to go this route, be sure to get proper training on defensive shooting with your revolver. There are two well respected trainers when it comes to revolvers, Grant Cunningham and Clint Smith. Read and study from these two experts, and get some training!

If you want a detailed perspective about the snub nose revolver for personal defense, I suggest you get a copy of Grant Cunningham’s e-book, “Gun Digest’s Concealed Carry: Snub Nose Revolver“.

If you want training to learn to shoot any handgun efficiently for self-defense, we can help you with that!

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