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Here’s what others are saying:

Thank you so much for a great class! I had a wonderful time learning to be comfortable with a handgun. I do appreciate your patience as I learned. I did learn so much from you. I plan to take what you teach and practice it. .

– Haven

My wife and I were extremely pleased with your course on Defensive Handguns and Home Defense. Your expertise is exemplary, and your knowledge is truly evident. You led two inexperienced rookies in weaponry to a place of beginning knowledge and confidence, and we so appreciate you teaching us with patience and kindness.

– Herb

The Home Defensive and Tactics course is something everyone should take, whether you are a beginner or seasoned shooter you will learn something new and valuable. Thanks to you and Sandy for the class! .

– Harry

Thanks for the great class today. We could have burned 1k worth of ammo and not learned half as much as with you two. Will be back for future training sessions. Keep up the great work and we’ll be sending friends your way!

– John

Awesome! Thought I knew and understood handguns. Learned and understood more in the first two hours of class than I ever got from shooting for 33 years in the military. Whole different take. Wonderful one-on-one instruction. Highly recommend one or ALL of their classes.

– Rinda

This [Combat Focus Shooting] is a very good class. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their weapon handling skills. I had a great time, received excellent instruction, and met a great group of people that wanted to learn how to apply this training to their skill set and to get more adept at handling their weapons. We did LOTS OF SHOOTING! By my estimation we put approximately 360 rounds downrange. the one and only drawback to the entire day was the heat by the early part of the afternoon, but we worked through it. Again, I highly recommend this class! …..the instructors are top notch individuals who know their business!

– Sam

Thank you both for a great course you guys taught today. We all learned a great deal that will most definitely save our lives if we are placed in a perilous situation.

– Neal

This class [Introduction to Defensive Handgun] was frikkin awesome. I am glad I took this course. I am going to attend another one soon! Thanks guys!

– Steve

Great class today! Anyone wanting to learn, gain knowledge or build confidence with firearm training, this is the place to do it! Sandy and Barry are THE best! Thank you Barry and Sandy.

– Donna

Thank you Barry and Sandy for providing this educational, hands on course. I am grateful that we were able to touch and feel many types of firearms to see what was best for each individual. We look forward to continuing our training with both of you 🙂

– Amber

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for a fantastic day today.

– Dawn

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME class!! I absolutely loved it and I found out a lot of new things that I was not aware of. Please let me know of future classes you may have:)

– Jessica

Barry and Sandy r super knowledgeable. I left after being with them a few hours shooting 100% more accurate & efficiently! So totally recommend them !!!

– Stacey

I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. It’s not just about pulling the trigger and you guys made that very clear. It’s about Safety, Safety and Safety. In other words, paying attention to the smallest of details can made the difference in a safe day of shooting.

– Ricky

I just wanted to let you know that Jennifer and I enjoyed your class. You were both excellent instructors and provided us what we needed in a way that we could learn and feel very comfortable. I greatly appreciated the fact that you spent as much time as we needed and it was worth using your guns in order to figure out what we needed. You saved us a lot of money by doing so. I’m going to purchase the Springfield XDm 9mm, but I do want to purchase Jennifer and I a .22 just to practice with and for her to become more comfortable with shooting a weapon. I’m sure I’ll give you a call in the future for some one-on-one training once we have made our gun purchases. I ordered the Florida firearms Law book and joined the NRA from your website. Again, it was great meeting you and a great experience. Jennifer has not stopped talking about shooting those guns. I may be in big trouble 🙂

– Doug

I just wanted to personally tell you both how much we enjoyed your class today. We both took so many valuable items from our experience. Both of you are natural born teachers in this field that you doing and it shows. You made me realize just how much I enjoy shooting and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with my daughter and I.

– Tammy

[my wife] and I want to express our gratitude for your outstanding class. It was [her] first time firing her weapon and you both did an exceptional job of making her feel very comfortable with the process. Thank you so much!!!

– Gerald

I just wanted to thank you and your wife for an outstanding class. Your combined training is impressive and I truly left with more tools that I came in with.

– Wade

I would like to begin with a simple “Thank you” as I feel that means more than most things we say and to most that is all they want to hear. However, I am different than most and cannot be confined to a box. Sandy and you treated us with an attitude not often found in the business world. Upon arrival we sensed the professionalism and seriousness with which you guys conduct yourselves this was exhibited all day. Along with that, the goal of you guys was to pass on to us as much as possible about the safe handling of firearms and overwhelming enthusiasm for protection with a friendly family atmosphere. My ladies have a new found excitement for handguns, much like their long guns and I hope with your help they will continue their education and training. My guys, well, they are guys, and all guys love guns, so they, I also hope will continue with training and education. Someday son I would like all of us to return and make another family memorable experience that I can cary with me.

– Joe

I just wanted to thank you and your wife Sandy for taking the time to give me instruction for the conceal carry permit. I got some great new info from both of you and I enjoyed the range time as well.

– Skip

This class is great for the beginning shooter and also serves as a comprehensive review for those with previous firearms experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable and motivate the students to excel at their individual pace during the classroom period and at the shooting range. The instructors provide excellent advice for those wishing to procure their own personal firearms and provide a hands-on opportunity to see how various types of firearms work for them at the shooting range. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn how to safely handle and use a firearm.

– Rich

You guys did a great class. I felt like I learned a lot and am comfortable with a gun now. I would have never known what to buy without your class. The things [guns] I thought I would have wanted turned out that I wouldn’t have been able to shoot them. I really felt safe with a gun which have always scared me before. The three of us are going to take your CCW class.

– Deb

Barry and Sandy, Zach and I learned a great deal and fully enjoyed your CCW class. We would recommend your training to anyone.

– Ottis

Thanks again Barry for taking the time to start from the beginning with me. The step-by-step instruction went a long way by increasing my familiarity with the gun and my competence as a safe shooter. I will surely recommend you to others. I will see you again with my wife when we schedule a class.

– Dr. Q

Barry and Sandy, You guys are great instructors! You made the class fun while not deviating from the important points of gun safety and gun handling. I will recommend your class to all my friends looking for a gun safety and handling class.

– Jeff

Barry, I want to thank you for the recent training session that you conducted with me. I left your classroom and the range feeling competent and confident using firearms for the purpose of lawful self defense and range practice. I believe your training is in many ways superior to the M9 qualification training I received in the military. Additionally your concealed carry instruction and knowledge is second to none.

– Ryan

Barry, My husband and I learned a great deal about firearms and ammunition. You and Sandy presented a very interesting, organized and understandable learning opportunity for us. The range experience was excellent as well. We came home knowing a lot more than we knew when we arrived, felt more confident, competent and we enjoyed it very much. We certainly contact you when we are ready for the next course.

– Janet

Barry, I was actually really scared of a gun, but after your two classes, I am competent and confident with a gun. Thanks for your training.

– Deb

Thank you again, Barry, great class sat. learned a lot. Let me know when you’re doing the beginner class. I’m going to get my wife to go. Thanks.

– Jonathan G.

Barry, thanks for the instructions on Saturday, I found it very informative and will be practicing the drills we went thru.

– Jonathan L.

Barry and Sandy, can’t thank you enough for such an excellent course. Very educational and well executed. I now feel confident that I can handle a pistol safely, as well as be able to identify the errors others may make on a range or elsewhere. Definitely essential training for anyone, whether they want to own a gun or not. Thanks again.

– Tony

Hey Barry, I REALLY enjoyed the class. Having little to no knowledge of anything related to pistols, I definitely learned a lot and found the classroom part very interesting. I did come out feeling confident, competent and safe. Thanks so much for convincing me to take your course and reassuring me I won’t be
scared of a pistol afterwards. You were right!

– Tiffany

Barry and Sandy, Thanks for a fantastic time today. You guys are first class all the way…I wish you could have heard [my daughter] when she told her mother about her experience. She was so excited with how she did. I see and hear a new found confidence in her. Awesome job guys!

– Craig

Barry, thank you for being so patient with me. You took me from fearing to touch a firearm to a confidence that I will one day get my conceal and carry. You are a walking encyclopedia of firearms! Thank you!

– Babs

Thank YOU very much Barry, for you and Sandy to take the time on a Sunday to hold the class. I also learned a few new things as well. Amber has a very analytical mind and is a quick learner but for her to go in cold and never picked up a firearm then hit the staples and blow the middle of the targets out only prove that you & Sandy have a top notch program!

– Skip

Thank you so much for the photos! We had a GREAT time! I would like to know more about your self defense class and advanced shooting. I will contact you again in the future for private instruction as well. Your class was fun and informative. You both do a great job! Thank you again!

– LaNae

I can’t tell you how much my son and I appreciate you and Sandy’s instruction today. It deepened my son’s interest in guns (and possibly pursuing sport shooting) and definitely helped my confidence with a firearm. My husband bought me a Glock for home protection. He took me to the store, let me handle several guns and even took me shooting and worked with me to learn it, but I truly never felt good enough about my knowledge or my ability to even begin to think that I might ever really use it. Today changed that for me. I now feel confident enough to take some more range time to improve on what I know and to pursue other shooting experiences and education. I found that I actually enjoy shooting more than I ever dreamed I would. We honestly owe that to you and Sandy for your patience, your straight-forward instruction and your encouragement. You both are great instructors! After speaking to my husband about our day he too is looking forward to meeting you! Thanks so much!!!

– Amy

Thank you so much for the excellent class today. I don’t think I have ever even held a pistol before, and after going through your class I came away feeling quite confident. It wasn’t only very informative…it was very enjoyable too” I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to properly handle a gun.

– Sandra