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What We Teach

SBO_9418What We Teach

The greatest demand for our courses are centered around the need for personal protection. With this in mind, we regularly schedule the most frequently requested courses.

Safe Pistol Handling & Introduction to Defensive Shooting

Introduction to Defensive Handguns & Home Defense Tactics

Introduction to Concealed Carry

Personal Defense Skills Development

Intutitive Defensive Shooting

Private Instruction

School Attacker Response Course

Every course we teach meets the training requirements to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapons License.


For courses that involve shooting, students are required to furnish identification and sign a liability waiver and affirm that they have no criminal record that prohibits them from legally possessing firearms, and that they are not, individually, or as a member of any group, involved in actions or conspiracies that would result in unlawful violence against any citizen or governmental authority of the United States.

A students training may be terminated at any time during the course if the students actions are deemed inappropriate or UNSAFE by the instructors. Students terminated from the training due to inappropriate or unsafe behavior will NOT have their fees refunded.